The current crisis and turmoil in the politics of Pakistan is deep rooted in the turbulent Political History of Pakistan, full of conflicts and contradictions between different vested interests, classes, nationalities and groups of political elites. Each tried to forge its own version of history best suited to its own interests, twisting facts into fictions, sometimes coining the abstract terms like Ideology of Pakistan, claiming ideological boundaries being superior to the geographical boundaries, declaring democracy as a Western un-Islamic creed thus depriving the broad masses from their economic, political and regional cultural rights. Most of the times, it also suited to the interests of World imperialism and was therefore patronized by them both internally and externally.

The objective portrayal of history remained missing in the context of people’s exploitation and their sufferings at the hands of World imperialism and the local despotic ruling classes fighting among themselves and against the people at the same time.  The renowned scholar and journalist Zahid Choudhary has attempted to bring out the peoples’ view of objective history unveiling the political crimes committed by the ruling classes and world imperialism against them and their motherland.

This research project was still underway when Zahid Choudhary died of cancer and his associate Hassan Jafar Zaidi undertook the task towards its completion and final compilation. The works are not just conventional chronological account of the events devoid of internal and external undercurrents of these events. The works are issue-oriented unearthing the underlying dialectics of the main issues confronting Pakistan internally and externally.

Each issue is covered in a separate volume and has been sub-titled accordingly. The first two volumes treat the issue of creation of Pakistan; the remaining 10 volumes deal with the origins of each internal and external issue, as it emerged immediately after the creation of the country with a flashback of its roots in the past history prior to the emergence of Pakistan.