Faiz in 21st Century

Renowned historian Hassan Jafar Zaidi presented this paper in “Faiz Centennial Seminar of Academy of Letters Pakistan” held in Lahore 11 February, 2011.

2 thoughts on “Faiz in 21st Century

  1. indeed a curtain raiser on faiz. Faiz introduced an entirely new political diction to Urdu poetry. Although Iqal is pioneer of political urdu as well as persian poetry but Iqbal never sets aside his idealism.But Faiz laid foundations of materialist approach and embraces boldly Marxist concepts. In Hasan Jafar Zaidi we find a materialist historian ideologue of the post-Faiz generation owning him and elucidating Faiz’s subtle literary terminology. Providing easy to under explanations to classical urdu phrases is indeed praise-worthy because the audience of Zaidi is not only the litrati but the commonpeople too. I like this exposition and congratulate Hasan Jafar Zaidi on this land mark appreciation of poetry. masood qureshi.

    • @Masood AHM: Indeed, the need of time is to take a fresh, non-religious and dialectical approach towards history especially muslim history and our own regional history.

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