Historical Fallacies

A research paper on debunking the fallacies of history regarding the partition of India and creation of Pakistan. The paper was presented in Lahore in an annual history seminar.

2 thoughts on “Historical Fallacies

  1. Excellent paper, but I feel the original Urdu paper “Humari Tareekh Fehmi” had a lot more detail which this English version left out.

    For example, the English paper does not have sub-sections specifically dealing with the conflicts among the Umayyads, Abbasids, sectarian groups, and subsequent Muslim sultanates as it does so specifically in the Urdu paper.

    Also, I noticed that the English version does not mention the ‘achievements’ of the Qarmatian sect which, as per the Urdu paper, slaughtered 20,000 Hajjis as well as stealing the Black Stone from the Kaaba and keeping it in their possession for nearly 20 years.

    I request Tehqeeq to please release an updated version of this paper that does not lose the potency and facts of the Urdu version and it can be properly accessed for non-Urdu readers.

    • @ M Ali Khan: Thank you for your feedback. English paper is a summarized version of the Urdu paper, more detailed, hence it didn’t go into all the details of different periods of Khalafat.

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